Our members work on some amazing things. Here is a selection:

Startups / Companies

  • 6Hellos - An innovative personal relationship management tool.
  • Atombox - Store and manage your Getting Things Done lists.
  • Brazen Careerist - Giving professionals a new way to network.
  • Econify - Agile Development Studio
  • Factual - Platform for sharing open, living data.
  • Feedlooks - Feed reading, reinvented.
  • - Social engagement and fundraising platform.
  • - Find flights with Wifi.
  • Provides news, trends, jobs and resources to executives in the world’s largest industries.
  • Join the Company, Inc - Stealth-mode web development company.
  • Monotask - A tool to help you focus and minimize distraction.
  • OPower - Leader in Smart Grid software.
  • Pushr - Set up and manage SMS messaging compaigns.
  • Rassling Cats Software - Game studio focused on mobile devices.
  • Resume Everywhere - Post and manager your resume across multiple job sites.
  • StockYoyo - A free and enjoyable way to learn about investing.
  • - Embedded forms, hosted database.
  • Three Rides - Plan exciting motorcycle routes online.
  • - Marketplace for local services.
  • UUorld, Inc - Visualize data on immersive, high-quality maps.
  • White Glove Apps - Smartphone development studio.
  • Your Turn - Give back to your community through mentoring.


Open Source Projects

  • Agent XMPP - A simple DSL for writing automated XMPP clients that support Messaging, Ad-Hoc Commands and Publish Subscribe Events.
  • Nitrogen - Create interactive web applications with Erlang.