We Have A Website!

We now have a website for our group at HackerNewsDC.org.

This site is intended to augment--not replace--our Meetup page in a few ways:

  • The front page and the Sponsors page serve to recognize and thank our sponsors.
  • The Projects page showcases startups and side projects by our members.
  • The About page provides background information and answers frequently asked questions about the group.

All other information, scheduling, discussions, etc., will continue to reside on the Meetup.com page.

We Need Help

Our logo is decidedly "meh", and the website layout and graphics are uninspired. (I'm allowed to say that, 'cause I made them. I'm an Erlang hacker, not a designer.) The text likely has speling and grammatical error. And we need more pictures taken by somebody with a fancy-shmancy camera.

If you'd like to help, email Rusty.